Coleman National Historic Site

Set amid balding hills reminiscent of South Wales, the former town of Coleman was, until the early 1960s, a polyglot community of mining families attracted from the coalfields of Europe. When demand for locomotive coal died in 1960, the underground mine and its surrounding town simply slowed to a stop.

Downtown Coleman is popular among period movie makers because it remains much as it was in the mid-twentieth century. An Art Deco service station and a theatre actually called the Roxy are among the derelicts. The livliest spot in town is Chris' Restaurant where retired miners, visiting anglers, and day-tripping bikers converge for real burgers and fresh-cut fries.

The surrounding landscape still shows the scars of mining, but the old waste piles of rock and low-grade coal are now topped by soil and grasses to contain the dust that once blackened the landscape.

Located in the former high school, the Crowsnest Museum conducts 30-minute walking tours of the historic district.

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