Featured Alberta SouthWest Attractions

We don't want to dissuade you from digging around the region, finding "backdoors" like an ice-cream shop, a great place to get a steak, or a hilltop to watch a sunset, but every region has it's "heavy hitters" - attractions that attract alot of eyeballs and visits. Here's our list of big dots on the visitor map:

Coleman National Historic Site

Coleman National Historic Site

Set amid balding hills reminiscent of South Wales, the former town of Coleman was, until the early 1960s, a polyglot community of mining families attracted from the coalfields of Europe.

Frank Slide Historic Site

Feel the impact of the Frank Slide story. Brand new exhibit galleries feature first-hand accounts, audio-visual presentations, interactive computers, hands-on science-based displays, detailed models, and two award-winning high-definition shows.
Frank Slide

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump is the focal point of native history in Alberta SouthWest, and the best place to engage with members of today's Blood and Piikani Blackfoot communities.

Leitch Collieries

Leitch Collieries was one of the largest and most ambitious coal mines in the early history of the Crowsnest Pass. Established in 1907, it was the only coal company in the Pass completely Canadian owned and operated. Its first entry into coal seams occurred at Byron Creek, south of the present site.
Lietch Collieries

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

The Frommer's Travel Guide describes Waterton as "the most stunning of the Rocky Mountain parks" and named it one of the world's top destinations for 2009. Waterton is nature at its best and quietest.

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

This collection of rescued pioneer homes, churches and commercial buildings preserves a glimpse of the brief period when Canadain government policy transformed native grasslands populated by Blackfoot and buffalo into corporate cattle ranches. Each structure provides its own perspective on pioneer society and industry circa 1890.
Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village