Lake Fishing

Still-Water Fisheries

Alberta's rivers are managed to preserve wild fish populations. Lakes, on the other hand, are stocked with hatchery-raised fish and anglers are encouraged to keep and eat their catches. Such "put-and-take" fisheries provide fine recreation, especially for anglers who prefer spincasting, trolling, or bait fishing.

Some of the lakes, such as Beauvais, Lee, Beaver Mines, and Crowsnest, are naturally formed. Others, including Chain Lakes and Payne Lake, are man-made impoundments. In summer, boats are recommended to reach deeper water. Once their surfaces are safely frozen, usually by January, the lakes are popular among ice-fishermen.

Impoundments connected to fish-spawning rivers are not stocked. Waterton River Reservoir and Oldman River Reservoir maintain naturally reproducing trout populations.