Cost of Living

Alberta SouthWest has a ‘Low’ Cost of Living

Using average household income and average house price in the Region (2005) compared to Alberta, and average house price in the Region (2010), Alberta SouthWest communities:
  • Have 30% lower household income than the Alberta average, BUT
  • Have an average house price that is 58% lower than the Alberta average

A mortgage is the major component of shelter costs (in addition to municipal taxes and utilities

Median Alberta family income (2015) *3rd in Canada $93,835
Average house price - Alberta (2017) $400,301
Median family income in Region (2013) $74,068
Average house price in Region (2010) $146,673
Average family income 26% lower than Alberta average
Average house price 63% lower than Alberta average

Newcomers to Canada typically earn less income than established Canadians, though studies have shown that income differential narrows over time.