Returning Home to Canada

Here is our story of immigrating to Canada. 

Although our story might be a little different than others I hope it will help to make your decision easier.

I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1962 and then in 1963 my parents decided to go back to the Netherlands so that is where I grew up. But all those years I had the desire to go back where I was born.

After spending many summers in Canada and finally after being married and having two children, my husband and I decided it was time to move on to better times. So we went and applied for a permanent resident visa. As we went through the whole system, which after all was not necessary for me and my kids as I was born here, we got the ok in April 1997.

So we sold almost everything and moved to Duncan, BC where we have some family. We got a house in about a month and the search was on for a job. Well no luck on Vancouver Island as all the wood mills closed so my husband did some window cleaning for a while and then got a call from Alberta to come for an interview and so we ended up in Drumheller for over 2 years.

We did not like it there at all so it was a little tough but we pulled through because we love the country and had no desire to move back. Then we moved to Okotoks, Alberta because my husband got a job in Calgary so we moved again for about the 4th time in the last 3 years.

After all this moving and changing jobs we had found where we wanted to stay. We have been in Okotoks for 10 years now and will never move unless for retirement. The road to all this was not easy sometimes but well worth it this country has so much to offer and a lot more relaxed than in The Netherlands.

I'm glad we made this step and so does my family nobody ever wants to go back and live there again.  Even holidays are not appealing anymore to us. I hope this story will convince people to move to this beautiful country and its many opportunities.

An Okotoks Family