Our Mandate

Our Mandate

Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance Ltd. (AlbertaSW) is a Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA) of 15 communities working together to help each other succeed.

The Corporation is governed by Board of elected representatives from each member community.

The real strength of an organization is in the commitment and energy of each individual, business and community that contributes to it. AlbertaSW communities are energetically cooperative, and share a collaborative long-term strategy to grow and promote the region.


“Working together for prosperous and healthy communities.”


“Alberta SouthWest is a progressive and innovative regional partnership of diverse communities working together to facilitate sustainable growth in South West Alberta.”


  1. Encourage and support economic diversification and value added sector development.
  2. Identify and communicate new investment opportunities.
  3. Support the attraction, retention and growth of business enterprises.
  4. Enhance Alberta’s competitiveness by promoting innovation and productivity.
  5. Facilitate regional cooperation and collaboration.
  6. Identify opportunities to streamline regulatory processes to enhance regional competitiveness.
  7. Support strategic economic development planning.
  8. Demonstrate inclusiveness of regional stakeholders in planning processes and establishment of priorities
  9. Engage in the exchange of regional economic information.