First Student Inc.

First Student Inc.

First Student is the largest private contractor of student transportation services in North America.  

First Student Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of FirstGroup. FirstGroup is a $10 billion per year transportation company headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland. Its American operations are based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Burlington, Ontario,
First Student is the largest private contractor of student transportation services in North America.  As the undisputed industry leader, the company is responsible for transporting more than 3 million students and commercial charters to and from school/events every day with the largest, most modern bus fleet on the road. 

Operating in nine Canadian provinces, First Student’s fleet can handle any size group requiring transport.  The company also provides transportation and charter service to regional firms and travelers.  Logistics planning on-site transportation coordination and highly trained staff ensure first class service for all clients.

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Company Background

The company established its presence in Pincher Creek in 2007.  It operates a fleet of 30 buses with 26 Staff providing service to the school division and local business.  Upon request it also contracts charters for transportation around the province which quite frequently includes travel from Calgary into the region for tourism related activities.

Operationally, First Student is second to none when it comes to passenger safety, system-wide efficiency, on-time performance, and investments in state-of-the-art transportation technology. From comprehensive safety and training sessions to customized routing and scheduling programs, the organization prides itself on the ability to provide high quality service that is reliable, dependable, and competitively-priced.  First Student is committed to the communities it serves. 
Across North America, First Student sponsors athletic teams and participates in a wide variety of community-based educational forums and other similar programs. They believe that whenever possible, the people they employ and the equipment they purchase should come from — or in some way benefit — the community being served.

For example, whenever First Student is contracted to provide student transportation services for a school district, they make every effort to hire employees who previously operated and maintained the transportation system. Also, First Student regularly requests that equipment or parts purchases are delivered through local dealerships.
Commitment to operational excellence
First Student’s approach to business starts with a commitment to operational excellence and is supported by an equally strong commitment to serving communities. This balanced approach provides the company with opportunities to add value to the contracted services that they continue to provide to school districts.


  • Providing safe student transportation services;
  • Understanding and caring about our customers;
  • Effectively managing our operations and maintenance capabilities; and
  • Setting and maintaining cost-efficient practices.