Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Made in Alberta SouthWest Quality of Life

People are attracted to certain areas by key quality of life features that distinguish one place from another. 

What distinguishes Alberta SouthWest is big outdoor spaces to get lost in…or “find yourself” in. The spirit of people is lifted by the great outdoors and all its possibilities. Dirt on your boots means a good time was had. Being stared at by a large ungulate is empowering. Hiking is a solitude that is soulful. It is the life of waiting out the rain under mountain trees, the perfect fly fishing cast, a horse under foot, or feeling the presence of the past in culture that continues to create legacy. It is huge vistas and ever-changing skies. It is comfort in the quiet, and an appreciation for land. 

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Then there are the conveniences of small town life. Quality of life in Alberta SouthWest is shaped by the usual suspects in most smaller rural communities: a full range of recreation, health, education, and cultural amenities, close knit communities with relaxed lifestyle, and personal sense of safety and security. Life in Alberta’s small communities is at its best in the coffee shop, the ice rink, and conversations with next door neighbours – “easy” interaction with people that feels like extended family.

It’s not the “big city” with its urban rush, tremendous variety, 24/7 possibilities and the availability of every imaginable product or service. For those passionate about Alberta SouthWest, we love big cities for what they are, but appreciate our distinctive life rhythm.

Alberta SouthWest Quality of Life Advantages:

Low Cost of Living

  • Average house price 58% lower than the Alberta average (64% lower than Calgary Region)
  • Municipal property taxes roughly 25% lower than Calgary Region
  • Albertans have lowest personal taxes in Canada


  • Warmest winter on the prairies
  • One of the sunniest locations on the prairies
  • You have to appreciate a good breeze once in awhile


  • Alberta has the lowest crime rate in Canada.

Health Care
Perhaps counter-intuitive to what you might think, access to healthcare is often better in rural communities that large metropolitan regions due to smaller wait lists. Healthcare facilities in the Region are comprehensive.

Primary and secondary schooling in the Region is comprehensive. Post-secondary opportunities are provided via Calgary and Lethbridge-based universities and colleges. Adult education programs are easily accessed. Early childhood services and programs are available.

The Livingstone Range School Division operates at total of nine elementary and six high schools in the communities of Stavely, Granum, Nanton, Claresholm, Fort Macleod, Pincher Creek, Lundbreck and the Crowsnest Pass and 12 Hutterite Colony Schools.

The Westwind School Division operates seven elementary and five high schools in the communities of Hill Spring, Glenwood, Mountain View, Cardston, McGrath, Raymond and Sterling and 19 Hutterite Colony Schools.

The Holy Spirit Roman Catholic School Division operates a school in Pincher Creek. 

Lifelong Learning and Post Secondary Opportunities

Post-secondary opportunities are available:

Lethbridge College has satellite locations in:

Sports and Fitness
From parks to arenas, smaller communities typically have much higher per capita availability of facilities than large urban centres do. 

"Get Out…and Stay Out”
Well it’s sounds facetious but we mean it. The Region is the land of the outdoors. Whether it’s a heritage Mainstreet in Fort Macleod or a downhill run down Castle Mountain, what you do is only limited by what you think of doing.

Arts and Culture
Cowboys, First Nations, artisans, ranchers, the Mormon community, the Hutterite community. Alberta SouthWest is a diverse culture that remains visible in museums, cultural events, and on street corners. The common connection between people is a western hospitality born of 100 years of independent pioneering spirits who knew the value of closely-knit community.

Religious Organizations
Religious denominations in the Region are not as numerous as large urban centres, but you might be surprised by the number of denominations present in Alberta SouthWest.