Village of Glenwood

Village of Glenwood

Population: 316 (2016)

Located just off the historic “Blue Trail” south of Fort Macleod at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, casual visitors stopping for double-scoop ice cream at the Pioneer Parlor might well consider Glenwood to be a place undisturbed by time. Leafy streets of cozy older homes on one-acre lots encourage the impression, as does the slender white spire of the church which identifies Glenwood is a creation of Mormon settlers in the first decade of the 1900s. Settled 100 years ago, many descendants of the original settlers still reside in Glenwood while others have moved to the area for its natural tranquility and sanctuary of small community living.

Visitors to Glenwood can try a taste of its award-winning cheese at the Glenwood Cheese Factory Museum

Interesting Tidbits

  • Glenwood is near the geological landmark Glenwoodville Glacial Erratic, an exotic boulder transported by glaciers from the northern Rocky Mountains.
  • The steam plant on Main Street evaporates milk into powder for delivery to the world's hungry as food aid from Canada.

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