Seeking Big Sky Adventurers

Seeking Big Sky Adventurers

Wanted - Big Sky Adventurers

Not all places are for everyone. So let's describe who you can find in Southwest Alberta...the people passionate about a way of life that differs from urban jungles and commuter cars.

Southwest Alberta is the home of the 35-55 year old footloose spirit...those who feel a connection to land and people...driven by traditions, quick handshakes, and word as your honour.

You may want to do all the hiking you didn’t do while finding oil deposits in your more youthful career. If you are raising, or want to raise a family, you appreciate the peace of mind that comes from safe streets, clean water, fresh air, non-commercialized activities, and indoor and outdoor recreation opportunity. 

You are a quiet explorer not an ostentatious weekender…one who appreciates freedom and independence to think, do, and say as you want – with community values as your guide.

Well if it sounds like the rock solid folks you see in western movies, you’ll be happy to know a pair of boots will get you in anywhere.

Our combination of low cost of living, big space to have both quiet time and adventure in, and tightly knit communities are proving to be particularly attractive to three kinds of newcomers to the Region:

  • Retirees -  those who enjoy active retirement and don’t enjoy being couch potatoes
  • Immigrants from the Netherlands - attracted by an existing and welcoming Dutch community in the Region, and agriculture opportunities. Trips to the Netherlands and hosting of Dutch families has generated moves, and an estimated $21 million in investment in the Region.
  • Footloose entrepreneurs  - those who appreciate smaller places and outdoor spaces, can connect to anywhere to do business over networks, or make a living with creative enterprise.