North West Mounted Police Museum

North West Mounted Police Museum

The Fort Museum of the North West Mounted Police

The Americans are Coming

In 1874, the Canadian government dispatched a troop of 275 mounted police to repel American interlopers who were swarming over the western prairie. Ultimately, the strategy failed: The invasion of U.S. visitors continues. Some even dare to penetrate the fort of the North West Mounted Police in downtown Fort Macleod.

Today's visitors, Americans included, are welcomed by red-coated students playing the part of the now-defunct North West Mounted Police. The cavalry-based force eventually became the core of today's Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Fort Museum's feature attraction is the NWMP Musical Ride, performed four times daily from July 1 to Labour Day, continuing a tradition of riding demonstrations dating back to 1876.

Peace on the Prairie

The Fort Museum celebrates the peaceful relations between the NWMP and local Blackfoot, some of whom had escaped pursuit by the U.S. Army south of the border. Native ways and artistry are honoured in a substantial collection of fine clothing and domestic artifacts.

Artifacts of 19th century community life also feature in the collection, including a recently acquired pipe organ.


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