Belly River

Belly River

Angling the Belly River

Flatwater Flycasting

The fishiest reaches of the Belly are accessed from the Belly River Campground, just north of the Canada-U.S. boundary on Highway 6 and inside Waterton Lakes National Park. You may angle upstream to the international border, or downstream to the park boundary where the river enters the Blood First Nation Reserve which is not open to public angling.

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An alternative public access to the Belly River is at the bridge crossing of Secondary Highway 800, south of Hill Spring. There's a large parking area just north of the bridge. Downstream, the river again enters the Blood Reserve and is not open to the public.Instead, fish upstream to a low dam and then back to the bridge. Be prepared to clamber onto the bank to bypass the occasional deep pool.

The river flows lazily over shallow flats, with the occasional fast-water channel cutting against one bank or the other. Cast from the mid-stream shallows towards the deeper bank water.

This lower portion of the Belly is not renowned for large or numerous trout, but can provide a relaxing wading experience for anglers who may want a break from the faster flowing waters, slippery bottoms and entangling brush of mountain streams.

Hill Spring Trading Co. sells tackle essentials and stream side victuals. Depending on your results, you may reward or console yourself with an ice cream cone at the Glenwood Pioneer Ice Cream Parlour in the village of Glenwood, north on Secondary Highway 810.