Lynx Creek

Lynx Creek

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Angling Lynx Creek

Intimate Angling

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Lynx Creek flows through the black, pink and green landscape recovering from a cathartic wildfire in 2003. Scorched trees, brazen splashes of fireweed, and a profusion of bonzai-like pine seedlings attest to the regenerative role of fire.

While birds and mammals fled the flames, the forest's native cutthroat trout endured bombardments of burning embers and flushes of fine ash. Local anglers feared the fishery would be diminished for years. Happily, by the following spring the waters were running clear and the trout appeared to be as numerous and healthy as ever.

At the opening of trout season in mid-June, while the Crowsnest, Castle and Carbondale Rivers are still too high and turbid for fine casting, Lynx Creek settles into a clear and temperate flow. Deep runs against rock walls and flat-topped pools hold native cutthroat whose strength and size seem out of proportion with the small stream itself.

An impressive pod of bull trout inhabits one large pool, but they are endangered, and must be released. The conservation-minded angler may find more pleasure in observing rather than hooking them.

The best angling is in the canyon upstream from the crossing of the Carbondale Road, near Lynx Creek Recreation Area. Continue to the falls and then walk back. Climbing out of the canyon is difficult. Casting room is constrained, so rods under seven feet and lines of three or four weight are recommended.

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