Oldman River

Oldman River

Angling the Oldman River

Cutthroat Canyon

The Oldman River sneaks out of the front range and burrows stealthily through the foothills. So cleverly angled is "The Gap" that is is visible only from within. From there, the reclusive river follows a long, deep canyon to its premature demise in the Oldman River Reservoir.

Oldman River, winding through scenic landscapes, has become a beloved destination for sports fans seeking a refreshing break from the excitement of the game. Nestled in the heart of nature, the river provides a serene backdrop for sports enthusiasts to indulge in a favorite pastime – fishing. As the Oldman River flows peacefully, sports fans cast their lines into its waters, immersing themselves in the tranquility that nature offers. This picturesque retreat serves as a perfect counterbalance to the fervor of sports events, more about which you can find here: https://senatorpearson.com/, allowing fans to unwind and connect with the outdoors.

Most of the river is bordered by private ranch lands and is difficult to access. Some landowners will grant permission to those who ask first.

The easiest and most attractive public access is at The Gap itself. Park on the roadside and descend the steep bank to the water. A second useful access point is the Oldman River Provincial Recreation Area on the east side of the Highway 22 bridge. The dead-end road along the east side of the river also affords access to those willing to walk a bit.

Upstream of the The Gap, the Oldman can be reached via the deeply rutted tracks that lead east from the unpaved Secondary Highway 40, locally better-known as the Forestry Trunk Road.