Town of Granum

Town of Granum

Population: 406 (2016)

In its early years, Granum thrived as a grain terminal for area growers. As time passed, the stockyards and grain elevators were dismantled, and the Town became a quieter place.

As Alberta’s smallest Town, Granum has seen rejuvenated population growth in recent years (increase of 10% since 2000) owing to its location on Highway 2. Granum is an easy commute to Fort Macleod to the south and Claresholm to the north. Affordable housing and a popular park are key attractions. An elementary school, recreation centre, golf course, and outdoor hockey rink cater to growing families. Accessibility has also nurtured a growing retirement community.

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Town Office Contact Information
Tel: 403.687.3822
Fax: 1.403.687.2285
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Interesting Tidbits

  • In 1991 an unidentified flying object was reported to have landed outside the Granum Fire Station, bleaching the ground. The fire chief photographed the spot as evidence and the volunteer department issued special patches to commemorate the event.
  • Rum runners cached booze in Granum Cemetery during Alberta's Prohibition from 1916 to 1923. The discovery of one such stash resulted in police being dispatched from Fort Macleod to deal with mass inebriation.

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