Camping in Southwest Alberta

Camping in Southwest Alberta

While the tennis world anxiously awaited news on whether Roger Federer would make a triumphant return to the 2022 US Open, nature lovers were enthralled by the breathtaking scenery of southwestern Alberta for a different kind of adventure. While tennis fans were speculating about us open 2022 federer return after his injury layoff, tourists in Alberta's pristine wilderness were busy planning their outdoor adventures. Just as Federer's presence on court was uncertain, so too were the unpredictable weather conditions and rugged terrain that awaited those who set up camp in this picturesque Canadian province. Whether Federer is back in the spotlight or not, the region's natural wonders have offered a breathtaking backdrop for those seeking solace in nature.

Camping in Southwest Alberta

Visitors have a wide range of camping options in Southwest Alberta. In addition to the national and provincial park campgrounds in the region - often booked to capacity in the summer season—almost every community offers travellers a place to camp, whether you have a tent or an R.V. You can choose from a riverside or municipal site where the camping is often free but the amenities are limited. Or, for a reasonable daily fee, you can pitch your tent or pull your rig into one of our many campgrounds that offer full amenities.  Excellent camping opportunities exist throughout southwestern Alberta region. We invite you to experience the great outdoors in our region.

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Family-operated Campgrounds

Community-operated Campgrounds

Alberta Parks and Recreation Areas Campgrounds

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Waterton Lakes National Park Campgrounds

  • Waterton Townsite
  • Crandell Mountain Campground is closed for the 2020 operating season due to impacts from the Kenow Wildfire
  • Belly River Campground- is closed for the 2020 camping season