Oldman Reservoir

Oldman Reservoir

A Byway for Boaters and Bikers

You don't absolutely need a boat to enjoy this byway that branches off from Highway 3 to circle the Oldman River Reservoir. A number of uncrowded day use areas and overnight campgrounds make this a good basecamp for exploring the entire region. If you are trailing a boat, or roof-topping a windsurfing board, this may be your dream destination.

The loop around the reservoir is a favourite among local motorcyclists. Bikers must master the art of counter-steering (rather than leaning their bodies) to offset the strong and changing winds.


From Highway 3 (GPSN49 31.489 W113 54.259), head north on Highway 785 to the spillway. After stopping at the observation area (GPS N49 33.951 W113 53.875), continue east across the earthen dam and turn immediately south to discover the Oldman River Provincial Recreation Area.

Return to the dam and head east on Highway 785 to its intersection with Highway 510 (GPS N49 34.922 W113 51.805). You may turn south on Range Road 293 to visit the Heritage Acres Agricultural Museum (GPSN49 34.486 W113 51.802). Or you may turn north on Highway 510 to circle the reservoir. The highway makes a sharp turn south (GPS N49 36.690 W114 05.222) and crosses the upper end of the reservoir before continuing on to the Village of Cowley and rejoining Highway 3 (GPS N49 33.861 W114 04.167).