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Invest in Alberta SouthWest

Alberta SouthWest is a great place to invest. We merge our traditional strength in agriculture, healthcare, and tourism with value added opportunities in agri-food processing, renewable energy, innovative manufacturing, and technical services. Together they ensure stability and growth. Our location offers strategic connectivity to global markets, a skilled workforce, and proximity to excellent educational institutions.

Keep reading and discover why you should invest in Alberta SouthWest.

Explore the Opportunities

You are looking for somewhere to grow. Alberta SouthWest is fertile ground for innovative ideas, big opportunities and easy connections to international markets. It's time to dig deeper and get the answers to the question why to invest in Alberta SouthWest.

Get the Data

Just the Facts —  sometimes numbers speak for themselves. This interactive chart reveals the trends in the data powering behind our region’s economy. Take a glance at the charts or drill down further.

Discover the Communities

Explore the investment opportunities in each of Alberta SouthWest's partner communities. Each community profile includes an Invest Alberta data sheet PDF download, providing the latest insights to the economic status of each area.

Current Investment Opportunities

Alberta SouthWest is open for business. If you’re looking to invest now, Use the following widgets to find commercial real estate and franchise and businesses that are for sale now!

Commercial Real Estate

Franchise & Businesses

Windmills generate clean energy in Alberta SouthWest, a leading renewable energy region in Canada. Credit: Luca Bravo

Key Industries: Renewable Energy

Alberta SouthWest has emerged as a pivotal hub for alternative energy, particularly in wind and solar power. With its expansive landscapes and favorable climate, this region boasts green energy projects that are transforming the energy landscape.

Large-scale wind farms and solar installations tap into the region's abundant sunshine — around 2,400 hours of sunshine per year the highest in Canada! — and powerful winds to reduce our carbon footprint while creating jobs and powering our communities. Southern Alberta is at the forefront of a profitable, renewable energy revolution, leading the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Key Industries: Agriculture

With vast fertile lands and a rich agricultural heritage, the region thrives in livestock and crop production. This established sector boasts some of the largest and oldest ranches in the country. 

Alberta Southwest's agricultural industry not only contributes to the local economy but also supplies the nation and beyond with high-quality food products. Industry leaders — Cargill Foods, JBS Food Canada, Saputo, Agropur and Parmalat, Sunrise Poultry — all call the region home. Again, strong transportation corridors ensure our high quality products are connected to large markets in all directions.

A bird's view of modern farm equipment harvesting crops in Albera
Waterton Lake surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, a booming tourist region of Alberta SouthWest. Credit: Emily Penner

Key Industries: Tourism

Simply put, Southern Alberta is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With established World Heritage Sites, National Parks, ski hills, golf courses, museums and more draw in crowds from Canada and beyond.


Tourism businesses and support businesses are well-positioned to take advantage of an international tourism boom. Discover for yourself Waterton Lakes National Park, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, and year-round outdoor mountain adventures like fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting and skiing. Explore the region through our Galleries.

Key Industries: Manufacturing

As any real estate agent will tell you, it’s all about location. Alberta SouthWest is strategically connected to major urban centres and international markets via airports, rail, and major highways.

Alberta SouthWest is just a 2.5-hour drive from Calgary International Airport and its access to 51 international and 37 domestic destinations. An hour away, Lethbridge Airport offers daily flights. Positioned on the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline, business growth is hitched to modern freight facilities in Lethbridge and Kipp. Highway 2, the CANAMEX Corridor, connects Mexico, Canada, and the USA. The major border crossing at Coutts and Sweetgrass, Montana are 24-hour operations offering services like Nexus lanes, rail, highway and more.

Sparks fly as a welder works in Alberta SouthWest, a region well-suited to manufacturing investments.

Our Projects

Energizing Agricultural Transformation (EAT)

Supporting existing agri-business while exploring new innovative agricultural trends and trade opportunities.

Southern Alberta Investment & Trade Initiative (SAITI) 

Promoting Southern Alberta's unique benefits into a competitive advantage through a regional partnership.

Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership (SAAEP)

Nurturing and facilitating our region's growth as an alternative energy provider

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