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Investing in Alberta South West

Why Alberta SouthWest?

Regional Overview

Alberta SouthWest is a great place to invest. We merge our traditional strength in agriculture, healthcare, and tourism with value added opportunities in agri-food processing, renewable energy, innovative manufacturing, and technical services. Together they ensure stability and growth. Our location offers strategic connectivity to global markets, a skilled workforce, and proximity to excellent educational institutions.

A train passes beneath a mountain cliff and lake, reflecting the excellent transportation connections in Alberta SouthWest.

Global Markets

As any real estate agent will tell you, it’s all about location. Alberta SouthWest is strategically connected to major urban centres and international markets via airports, rail, and major highways.


Alberta SouthWest is just a 2.5-hour drive from Calgary International Airport and its access to 51 international and 37 domestic destinations. An hour away, Lethbridge Airport offers daily flights. Positioned on the Canadian Pacific Railway mainline, business growth is hitched to modern freight facilities in Lethbridge and Kipp. Highway 2, the CANAMEX Corridor, connects Mexico, Canada, and the USA. The major border crossing at Coutts and Sweetgrass, Montana are 24-hour operations offering services like Nexus lanes, rail, highway and more. Digitally, we’re connected via high-speed internet, which is available across the region.

Diverse Innovation Economy

Alberta Southwest is where economic diversity fuels innovation and economic growth. You’ll find opportunities in a mix of industries. Traditional strengths lie in agriculture, healthcare, tourism as well as support activities for mining, oil and gas. This is also the birthplace of the wind industry in Canada, and with more days of sunshine than anywhere else in Canada, new energy technologies continue to support innovation in energy production, distribution, and storage.


The established agricultural industry is fertile ground for value-added products in agri-food processing. Our manufacturing industry ships construction materials world-wide. In short, The region's versatile economy ensures stability, reduces risk, and attracts businesses and investors seeking resilience and growth potential across a range of sectors.

Image by Darla Hueske
A worker uses fabrication machine in Alberta SouthWest, relfecting the manufacturing potential in the region.

Skilled Workforce

Alberta SouthWest offers a large and skilled workforce. 
Employers in Southwest Alberta have access to a diverse and skilled workforce from the broader southern Alberta region, where the workforce numbers over 97,000. The region's labor force excels in key fields such as sales, trades, transportation, business and finance, education, agriculture, government, and health. This diversity in skills and occupations offers employers a competitive edge in building and expanding their businesses.

We are a hotbed of independent thinkers making a difference. Those looking for opportunities will find it. More than half of residents have a post-secondary certificate or higher. Our organization has built strong strategic regional partnerships that connect business, education and government. We’re focussed on growth. 

A Connected Talent Pipeline

Tap into a Thriving Talent Pipeline — Southwest Alberta boasts a thriving talent pipeline with over 92,000 students enrolled in universities and colleges within a 4-hour radius. This includes 17,600 students in business, 13,800 in health, 9,400 in engineering, and 4,300 in mathematics and computer science. With institutions like Lethbridge College and prominent universities in Lethbridge and Calgary, the region offers access to a diverse pool of future professionals, strengthening its workforce appeal.

Our rural communities have formed strong, strategic partnerships at regional, provincial, national, and international levels that connect business, education, and government. This network of resources offers helpful and accessible resources to support business and community growth. 

A diverse group of recent grads look at a laptop and plan business, reflecting the talent pipeline of Alberta SouthWest.
A road leads towards a stunning Rocky Mountain peak, showing the incredible landscape of Alberta SouthWest.

Affordability Meets Natural Beauty

Southwest Alberta offers a blend of affordability, nature, and community. With 2,400 hours of annual sunshine, a 21-minute average commute, stunning scenery and the region’s lower cost of living, you’ll discover a home where life finds balance.


In Alberta SouthWest, step out your backdoor and discover outdoor recreation opportunities like ski hills, lakes, rivers, and trails. Waterton-Glacier is the world’s first International Peace Park and there are two other UNESCO World Heritage Sites that celebrate our rich Indigenous culture here. Our proximity to Calgary and its airport adds to the appeal.

Invest in Alberta SouthWest

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