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Cardston County

Cardston County — A Great Place to Live, Work and Play!


Cardston County is a family-oriented district providing exceptional quality of life. The county is a regional gateway that stretches from the U.S. border to the City of Lethbridge. Tourists love the scenic open ranges, farmland and the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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A view of Chief Mountain from Cardston County in Alberta SouthWest.

Did you Know?

The area is home to the Kainai Blackfoot reserve, a significant Mormon community, and Hutterite colonies. The area is also home to the Deseret Ranch, which nods to the once-proposed Mormon state.

About the Area

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) works with private landowners surrounding Waterton Park to protect the area surrounding it, ensuring natural beauty and recreational spaces.

Kayaks, picnic tables and an RV can be seen in this Alberta SouthWest Cardston County campground with a view of the mountains

County Gallery

Incredible scenery, exceptional outdoor opportunities, and warm communities make up the Cardston County.

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