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MD of Willow Creek


MD of Willow Creek — The Code of the West


The MD of Willow Creek is home to a strong Western tradition. Steeped in history, its residents are proud to host and share their unique cultural heritage. The district includes Granum, Alberta. Through traditional events such as Rodeo and the various community events, residents continue to offer a unique cultural experience to all. 

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Total Population (2021)


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Population Density / KM² 

A herd of cattle grazes in the foothills of Alberta SouthWest, reflecting an important economic sector.

Did you Know?

The Hamlet of Granum, formerly the Town of Granum, dissolved and joined the M.D. Of Willow Creek in 2020. Now it hosts the Willow Creek Gospel Jamboree in July.

About the Area

Most of the municipality's tax income is derived from wind farms, transmission lines, and pipelines and other non-residential energy based assessment. The Windrise Wind Project wind farm with its 43 turbines has a capacity of 206.4 MW.

A windmill turns over a green field, reflecting the the agricultural and renewable energy sectors of Alberta SouthWest.

Town Gallery

Anchored by the Hamlet of Granum, Willow Creek is proud of its history, rodeo and unique cultural heritage.

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