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MD of Ranchland


MD of Ranchland no. 66 — Rocky Mountains and Rolling Foothills


Welcome to a place where the land tells a story, and the Western way of life has found a home for over a century. Straddling scenic Highway #22, the M.D. of Ranchland flows over the foothills and comes to rest against the southern Rocky Mountains.

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Total Population (2021)


Average Age


Population Density / KM²

A view of tree dotted foothils rolling towards the Rocky Mountains, a view common in Ranchland, Alberta SouthWest.

Did you Know?

A.E. Cross — one of the "big four" cattlemen who created the Calgary Stampede — established the A7 ranch in 1886. The A7 Ranch is believed to be the oldest ranch in Canada remaining in the hands of its founding family.

About the Area

Just 110 people live in the 2637 square kms of the municipal district, making it the least populated in Alberta.

A bighorn mountain sheep with her ewe rests along a gravel road in Ranchland, Alberta SouthWest.

Area Gallery

A home to a western way of life for over a century, Ranchland straddles scenic highway #22. Discover a land that tells a story.

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