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Crowsnest Pass — Naturally Rewarding


Discover the Crowsnest Pass, a hidden gem in the Rockies and often hailed as the 'last affordable urban mountain community.' Locals and visitors alike revel in its breathtaking natural beauty! Formed in 1979, the district combines Bellevue, Blairmore, Coleman, Frank, and Hillcrest. Where coal once dominated, today tourism thrives.

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A bald eagle with talons extended descends towards a tree-top nest. Credit: Richard Lee.

Did you Know?

Each year, thousands of eagles converge to the Crowsnest Pass during their migration, making it a spectacular spot for bird watching and nature enthusiasts.

About the Area

The rivers in the Crowsnest Pass offer some of the best fly fishing in the world while the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre shares the story of when Turtle Mountain collapsed, wiping out the town of Frank. 

A fisherman casting his line in the Crowsnest River. The Crowsnest Pass is a top-rated fly fishing destination for trout.

Town Gallery

The Crowsnest Pass gives visitors a mix of rugged history, skiing and outdoor adventure and stunning Rocky Mountain views.

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