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MD of Pincher Creek


MD of Pincher Creek — Where Mountains Meet Western Lifestyle


Welcome to the MD of Pincher Creek, where the Rocky Mountains meet a western lifestyle. The towering peaks and ridgelines of the Continental Divide shape our scenery, economy, climate and lifestyle.

This is the home of incredible natural beauty. Castle Provincial Park and its neighbouring wilderness offer unparalleled year-round outdoor activities. The region is paradise for lovers of skiing, hiking and mountain biking.

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A wind turbine towers over a wheat field in Alberta SouthWest community of MD Pincher Creek. Credit: David Thomas_gmail.

Did you Know?

The 8000-acre Pincher Creek Hutterite Colony (established in 1926) is a major food production and processing enterprise.

About the Area

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park offers excellent trout fishing while The Oldman Dam PRA loop and its demanding winds are a biker favourite.

A farm anchors the local economy in the Alberta SouthWest Community of MD Pincher Creek. Credit: David Thomas.

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Rocky Mountains, vast outdoor opportunities and a western lifestyle — welcome to the MD of Pincher Creek.

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