Past Projects

13 Ways Community Evaluations- May 2014- May 2015

Based on the book by former MLA, Doug Griffiths, our region participated in a pilot project to put the principles of the 13 Ways to Kill Your Community to work. The process took a communities through an innovative way of evaluation of various compenents of community development. A wrap-up event brought community leaders together to review their results and next steps for prioritizing the findings.

SouthWest Connect Free Wi-Fi (April 2012- May 2016)

The 16 partner communities of Alberta SouthWest strive to position the region as forward thinking and this Connections Initiative is evident of that. Dispersed among the partner communities are 19 hot spot wi-fi kiosks offering free access to residents and visitors alike. The locations of the hot spots are as varied as the communities themselves and range from public parks, to local arenas, campgrounds, and even private businesses. To date, we believe we are the only region in the province who have launched such a project.This project was a huge success and concluded in 2016.