Investing in the Region

Alberta SouthWest and Community Futures in southern Alberta have joined forces to provide invaluable assistance to local businesses in the region. Through their partnership, they offer free and confidential support to entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive in today's competitive market. In addition to expanding business opportunities, Alberta SouthWest and Community Futures understands the diverse needs and interests of the community. Realizing the growing popularity of online gambling and the demand for affordable entertainment, they have also decided to support some low deposit casinos By promoting these establishments, they help create a responsible and inclusive gaming environment where people can enjoy exciting low deposit casinos games without compromising their financial well-being. The promotion of low deposit casinos reflects their desire to promote a balanced approach to entertainment, ensuring that members of the community can participate in recreational activities responsibly and within their means. Through its multi-faceted initiatives to support Alberta SouthWest and Community Futures, it exemplifies its commitment to holistic business development and the well-being of its community.

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Alberta SouthWest and Community Futures in southern Alberta have partnered to offer FREE confidential support and a MEMBERSHIP COUPON* to be part of an exciting new national/international marketing platform designed to selectively match your business with the right buyer.

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In southwestern Alberta, 15 active rural communities have developed regional cooperation. These collaborative efforts have been instrumental in creating a thriving economic landscape where businesses receive the resources and support they need to thrive. The shared vision of these communities is to increase the economic vitality of the region, and they have recognized the potential of various sectors, including the fast-growing Online Casinos industry, to achieve this goal. With the advent of Online Casinos, communities in southwestern Alberta have seized the opportunity to use this growing market as a vehicle for economic development. Through strategic partnerships and targeted marketing efforts, the region has successfully attracted Online Casinos to host operations within its borders. This not only created revenue streams for the local economy, but also created employment opportunities for residents.

Welcome to Alberta SouthWest

Regional collaboration among 15 vibrant rural communities strives to support local business and attract new enterprise to the region. This “AlbertaSW in 4 Minutes” video will give you a glimpse of the region.

Please tour our website for more photos, videos, community information, and information on investing here.

AlbertaSW in 4 Minutes
Vibrant Communities
Sunny Days
Warm Chinook Breezes
Breathtaking Vistas
Our Current Projects

Key initiatives in Alberta SouthWest

Energizing Agricultural Transformation
Alberta Southwest recognizes that while agriculture is a known economic engine relatively little is known about what categories of agriculture and agri-food exist in the southwest quadrant of the province. With an eye on the future, the ABSW executive wants to determine if there are ways to support existing agri-business while exploring new innovative agricultural trends and trade opportunities.
IEDC Designation Achieved
In October 2018 Alberta SouthWest Regional Economic Development Alliance (AlbertaSW) became the third economic development organization in Canada to achieve Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) designation from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).
Regional Business License Program
The Regional Business License Program has been our longest continuous project and has helped many qualifying businesses save money each year while offering their services in neighbouring communities within the Alberta SouthWest Region.
Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership
An Alberta SouthWest Project that has been operating for over 10 years, the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership is designed to nurture and facilitate our region's growth as an alternative energy provider.
Sustainable Top 100 Destination
Alberta Southwest Crown of the Continent
wins 3rd place in ‘‘Best of the Americas’’ category at the
Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards

Live, Work, and Invest Here

You can visit and play here. You can live, work and invest here. Click here to view our Invest Here section where you will find statistics and information about investing in our communities and a Regional Profile and overview.  And, please plan to visit in person! 

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park. The Perfect place to view spectacular scenery, wildlife and enjoy outstanding recreational opportunities. Discover nature at its best... Year Round!... A rare gem tucked into the southwestern corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. In the September 2017 Waterton experienced the Kenow Wildfire which burned over 19,000 hectares in the Park and caused some infrastructure damage. Notable closures within the Park for 2020 are the Akamina Parkway (16 kms) to Cameron Lake, the Belly River Campground, and the Crandell Mountain Campground. For a complete update on the status of trails and roadways in the Park, please visit the Parks Canada website here for updates. The Waterton Townsite is entirely open with a full selection of hotels and restaurants and ice cream shoppes open for the summer season.  Boat trips and watersport rentals are operating from the Townsite.

Enjoy the process of renewal on the landscape after a wildfire - the regrowth this Spring has been impressive to date!