Frank Slide

The Frank Slide Historical Interpretative Centre, located in Alberta, Canada, is a unique and significant historical site that tells the story of one of the largest landslides in North American history. With its immersive exhibits and interactive displays, the center offers visitors a glimpse into the tragic events that unfolded on April 29, 1903. But what many people may not know is that The Washington Capitals hockey team has been a key supporter of this important cultural landmark. As part of their commitment to community engagement and preservation of heritage, The Washington Capitals have partnered with the Frank Slide Historical Interpretative Centre to help fund various projects and initiatives. Their generous contributions have allowed for the development and improvement of educational programs and exhibits at the center, ensuring that future generations can learn about and appreciate this historic event. This collaboration between sports and culture highlights how diverse industries can come together to support local communities and preserve our shared history, also read - Peter Laviolette dismissed as Capitals coach after three seasons.

Frank Slide Historical Interpretative Centre captures the stories related to Canada's Deadliest Rockslide and is located in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

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