What is a REDA?

What is a REDA?

Alberta's Regional Economic Development Alliances (REDAs) are regional Economic Development offices that are grassroots-based non-profit organizations comprised of member communities and regional stakeholders that work together to foster business development and prosperity in a defined geographic area, with a general emphasis on rural development. 

This collaboration and cooperation enables members and stakeholders to undertake projects that could not necessarily do on their own. 

The REDAs are supported and partially funded by Alberta Economic Development and Trade, and the Government of Alberta maintains a close and mutually supportive relationship with them. 

The REDAs are known for their ability to leverage funding from numerous sources, due to their strong collaborative nature, and drive investment into emerging industries. 

Courtesy of SouthGrow Regional Initiative 2018

The map below shows the nine REDAs located in Alberta.

The second document provides an overview of REDAs and the contact information for each. 

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