Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership

Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership

Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership (SAAEP)-(2006-Present)

 The SAAEP Partnership started in 2006 and consists of three economic development organizations; SouthGrow, Economic Development Lethbridge, and Alberta SouthWest.  

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The main objective of this partnership is to nurture and facilitate our region's growth as an alternative energy provider, while at the same time introducing methods that will allow individuals and organizations who live here to become more self-sufficient energy users.

Alberta SouthWest, along with Economic Development Lethbridge and the SouthGrow Regional Initiative have agreed to work collaboratively on this initiative. Together, this group represents 37 municipalities in the south central region of the province.  Based on our available natural resources, existing expertise and established developments, the initiative will focus on 3 streams of alternative energy:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Bio-Energy (including ethanol, bio-diesel and bio-mass)


The SAAEP Partnership remains one of our longest running projects today and activity has increased the past few years reflecting increased interest in solar projects and bio-energy. The first large scale commercial solar project in Alberta SouthWest is currently (May 2018) in the review and permitting stage by one of our Municipalities. 

Wind energy and investment has been present in the Region for 25+ years and our Counties and Municipal Districts are familiar with this investment. 

We will continue to host various information sharing events on the topic of renewable energy helping ensure our member communities are ready to assess new investment opportunities as they arise. 

Click here to read the 2019 Regional Economic Impact Report commissioned by SAAEP.